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Reisto Belovich

Reisto Belovich

Cinematic Composer - Pianist - Music Producer

From an early age, I was captivated by the music of the movies. There was always something about cinematic-style music that transcended the mere combination of sight and sound; it made the unreal come to life. As long as I can remember, I have always been striving to create music that evokes that same sensation.

"Where Words Fail, Music Speaks."

-Hans Christian Andersen 

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About Me

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in Piano Performance from Grand Canyon University. During my time there, I received classical training in piano, voice, and composition. Classes such as Theory, Piano Literature, Form & Analysis and Counterpoint gave me new perspective on the creative process the worlds greatest musicians used.

From there, I was able to take elements from each era and forge my own distinct style. My compositional style is primarily focused on purpose and intent. I believe that while music can always evoke emotion, there is an entire dimension of imagination that is stifled if it fails to convey a story. With regards to cinematic music, every sound (or absence of sound) has a purpose within the narrative. I seek to use my own knowledge and passion to bring stories to life with the gift of music.

Contact Me

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of music, or having a specialized score for your film, please contact me via the form here. I do not charge a predetermined fixed rate, as every project is unique. Thus, rates can always be negotiated. 


Website Redesign!

If you've visited my site within the past few months, you may notice a bit of a change around here. I've been so excited to unveil my new website for a quite a while now, so I hope you enjoy it!

Coming Soon: Leap Battlers!

I have an exciting development. I am currently working with Hand And A Half Gamesproducing scores for the upcoming indie fighter game: Leap Battler. It's been such an incredible joy to work on, and has hands down the most ambitious genre mixing experience in my scoring career. I cannot wait to share the scores for this production soon. Stay tuned!